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Just a few minutes after sending an email to a Graves staffer in Washington, D. explaining the most recent crap show from the postal service, I received a phone call from a caseworker at Graves’ local office in Platte County. A Graves’ staffer named Wyatt is about to help us go full Wyatt Earp on the post office. ****** If mail service down south gets any worse we’re skipping the post office and sending Chris Kamler out to deliver Landmarks from a bicycle with one of those cute baskets on the front.

****** You’ll read in this issue that Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd lost his appeal to the Missouri Supreme Court, who on Tuesday ruled that Zahnd deserves a public reprimand for his actions in regard to publicizing names and professional connections of prominent citizens who wrote letters to a judge urging leniency for a confessed child sex offender.

So this week I reached out to the office of Congressman Sam Graves.

The biggest strength of Sam Graves as a congressman has been outstanding constituent services in the Sixth District for folks needing assistance with any government agency under the federal realm.

Sort of similar to a homeowner insisting no one is interested in buying their house before they’ve even posted a for sale sign.