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Interest in railway development was shown very early in the Cape Colony.In 1853 a group of British financiers formed the Cape Town Railway and Dock Company, and in March 1859 construction of the first railway in South Africa started at the present Woodstock, reaching Wellington in November 1863.

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After the Napoleonic wars, Britain experienced a serious unemployment problem.

Therefore, encouraged by the British government to immigrate to the Cape colony, the first 1820 settlers arrived in Table Bay on board the Nautilus and the Chapman on 17 March 1820.

The story begins with the arrival of Jan Van Riebeeck in the Cape – 6 April 1652.

On 24 December 1651, accompanied by his wife and son, Jan van Riebeeck set off from Texel in The Netherlands for the Cape of Good Hope.

Situated in the teeth of the south-easter, they were much less desirable areas to live in.