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I know because we would always have to hide these items when Granny came to visit.

Honest and open discussion about mental health issues can be invaluable in combating the stigma associated with seeking professional care. A gay adult film performer gave live updates of his difficult breakup, and while anyone who’s ended a serious relationship can attest to the all-consuming agony that accompanies sudden separation, it’s almost certainly a better idea to call a family member or close friend than to post on Twitter and Instagram for public consumption.

Ann Romano pretty much takes the cake for me - Franklin's inept performance and limited skills molded a cheesy character into something monstrous, false and endlessly irritating. For gays and lesbians, gays are in the same boat as straight men with unemotional, superficial, cold attachments or worthless sexual hook ups aka junk sex.

I suppose there's something weirdly appropriate about the cheesy Romano being grating. Out of all demos I truly believe lesbians have it the best.

An actress-turned-lawyer who launched a crusade to expose fake monks has struck again. Today's headlines pale in comparison, to what went on in that one year. My bud and I were talking about who has it worse in terms of different demos.